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Dr. Kavya Chandrashekar


              Speaking breathlessly, glancing at the patients waiting outside to be seen, I saw the anxious faces of the new parents who seemed to have endless number of questions and yet no satisfactory answers.  As I handed them some pamphlets, I wished I could somehow tell them everything there is to know, give them more time to understand the medical jargon at their own pace and time. 

As I scoured the endless ocean of internet, I realised there were only a handful of sites that contained credible information written/edited by experts or medical professionals. 

                 This gave birth to The Mom Centre. 

Dr. Kavya Chandrashekar

Parenting is probably that one phase of life that you almost always feel unprepared for irrespective of your education and family support. There are so many dimensions to raising a child that no one person can give you all the information to make you a better parent. 

I have designed this site to bring together experts and professionals from various fields related to Child Health, Nutrition and Parenting. 

As a mom I understand the needs and nuances of parenting that other moms are looking for. 

So lets hop on this journey called parenting together, lets live and love it, rather than dread it. 

If you have any queries, questions no matter how insignificant it might seem to you, drop me a message and I will be happy to help you . 

Our Brand Motto

Expert articles

We strongly believe information is only as good as its source. Hence all our content is written or reviewed by experts. 


We aim to cater every aspect of being a parent 

we keep it Simple

We simplify medical jargon into simple bite size articles that is going to make you feel like being a parent is a breeze

Research based

All our articles are based on latest research and Guidelines from respective local and international governing bodies. 

we believe in
quality content
that is expert approved

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