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Best POtty training board books

Best Potty Training Board Books in India 2021

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Potty training can be a herculean task on its own and add the distraction and attention span of a 2 year old it can start to feel like an impossible task. 

This is where you would use a board book to grab your little one’s attention and also to keep them seated on the potty throne. The best time to introduce these valuable tools would in the Pre-Potty training phase where you are laying the foundation for Potty Training and yet to introduce the potty.

These engaging books can also be used to show your child through simple illustrations the various task involved in toilet training. You child might also learn the vocabulary associated with toilet training. 


This book with lots of flips and flaps is interesting and interactive and exactly what a toddler needs to keep them occupied while on the potty. The Story takes you through three different phases of training and allows the child to understand the gradual progression through these phases. 

It’s a perfect companion for parents who believe in gentle and positive parenting.

Best For: The Distracted Child who needs something to stay put on potty.

A bright and colorful book with lots of fold-out pages. The Book tells a story of a child who is a little nervous to use the potty and then goes on to conquer the task. 

It can be relatable to many nervous children especially at the beginning of training. 

Best For: The Voracious Reader. A slightly older child will be able to appreciate the story and illustrations better.

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A simple colorful book that is not too overwhelming and is appealing to younger kids. The illustrations are fun and funny without being distracting. 

The tasks are very well illustrated without any complicated storyline. Its a great starter book before you can get your child to sit on the potty. 

Best For: A Younger child around 12- 18 months who is just starting his preparation towards potty training. 

Stickers can be used as rewards whenever a child successfully completes the required task. This Positive reinforcement to known to work wonders in many non-compliant children. 

It’s a great activity book ideal for not-so-cooperative children to add excitement and a sense of accomplishment to the otherwise stressful potty training routine. 

Best For: A child who is at least 2 years who has started his potty training. 

A well-illustrated book to get your child interested and involved right away. The little ‘cheer’ button adds excitement and perfect to get your toddler’s attention as well as acting as positive reinforcement. 

This book is specifically aimed at girls. 


Best For: Girls over 18 months as a beginner’s guide to potty training.  

Your little superstar will need a book that makes her feel like one. This a great book written specifically for girls that can be more relatable and save you a lot of time and energy trying to explain the little tasks. 

Tabs on the side can be a great way to get your child involved and interested. 

Best For: Any child who has just started potty training. 

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