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Is Your Child Ready To Be Toilet Trained?

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Toilet training is an exciting skill that a toddler can be taught. However many parents wonder when they should start the training process. 


Although the right age to start toilet training is ‘around’ two years, some children may attain the necessary developmental milestones a couple of months earlier others may take a little longer.


Can I start without assessing my child’s readiness?

While exciting at the beginning the process of toilet training can quickly turn into a frustrating and exhausting process not only for you but also for your little one.

This is more likely to happen if you start the training  a child who is developmentally not ready. 

The process can be longer when attempted on a younger and developmentally unready child. 

There is also the danger of the child becoming stubborn and uncooperative if the experience is not enjoyable. 

So it is extremely important to start toilet training a child who is physically, mentally ready and also a parent who is well informed and prepared.

Is Your Child Ready for Toilet Training?

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Is your child ready to Toilet Train

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