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Shielding Your Little One From Adeno Virus: Symptoms, Diagnosis, And Cure

Learn about adenovirus infection in children, including symptoms, causes, and prevention. Pink eye, respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms, and ear pain can all result from this virus. Discover how to disinfect and prevent adenovirus infections through hand washing, mask-wearing, and disinfection methods. Children under the age of two are more susceptible to severe complications, while self-isolation and recovery can take up to seven days. While testing may be performed, treatment is typically symptomatic.

Complementary Foods for Babies – Ultimate Guide

Complementary feeding is a crucial aspect of a baby’s nutrition and development, and it involves introducing solid or semi-solid foods in addition to breast milk or formula milk. It is essential to start complementary feeding at the right time to ensure that the baby receives the nutrients and energy they need for growth and development. In this blog post, we explore what complementary feeds are and why it is important to start them at the right time. We also discuss the recommendations for starting complementary feeds according to WHO, AAP, and IAP, the significance of the first 1000 days of life in terms of nutrition, and the safe preparation, consistency, and frequency of complementary foods for babies. Additionally, we provide tips to ensure that your baby’s food is safe and guidelines for introducing different textures and consistencies of food as your baby grows and develops.

COVID symtpoms in children

COVID-19 symptoms in children: Everything you need to know

Children are more likely to contract COVID-19 as they play outside with other children who might be carriers without any symptoms, and it might also be due to the fact that children are less likely to follow stringent preventive measures like social distancing, wearing a mask, washing their hands, etc, especially while playing outside. This is especially true when not under the supervision of adults

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